Jamal holds a shifted Dylan in the bath who is quite larger in his merman form in length and width. His bright golden tail barely fits in the xxl tub and his octopus tattoo over his shoulder and pecs is on display. Jamal declares that he is now motivated to learn how to swim looking mischievously at his fiance.
Iris, shanty style
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Published On: April 1, 2024

Icthyo Mix-Up 27 (END)

And that's a wrap folks for Dylan and Jamal 💜! This collab has been so much fun to work on and try new things with. Treya is a fantastic writer and friend, so if you want to read more of her fanworks, check her out on AO3! If you want the no words version for wallpaper reasons, check out my Patreon ;). 

I know I said that's a wrap for these two, but there are still some short stories and art that I will eventually get around to sharing, and of course once Treya finishes her part, I will defo update that. In the meantime I hope you all enjoyed these two fluffy saps and look forward to the other stories and comics I have coming up. 

Exciting news! The next comic in the works is titled "The Smell of You." It's set to be a new adult comic with some spicy elements, featuring Brud, a lupoza with an obsessive need to catalogue smells to help ease the onslaught of chaos attacking his senses form the word around him and mind his own business, and Daniella, a woman from Wreckie who follows a strict routine that he can't help but notice whenever she is near. Brud finds himself both perplexed and comforted by Daniella's alluring scent every day in class, while Daniella just sees Brud as intriguing but aloof. However, everything changes when Brud senses a shift in the air, centered around Daniella and his intrusive thoughts need to know why.

Most all my stories and art come from Magos unless stated otherwise. You can learn more of Magos through reading my comics and checking out my art. Eventually the Codex will be updated as well.

[caption id="attachment_136" align="alignnone" width="940"]painted map of magos Map of where most of Lady T. Musings' fantastical stories and art take place. The world of Magos[/caption]

Corporea (left) is connected to Incantania (right) through Lufiriya (mid)

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