Published On: August 28, 2023

Icthyo Mix-Up 1

Jamal enjoying a romantic vista at night with Dylan's famous seafood bisque. Dyl sure is sweating a lot...

Yo Y'all! I along with the fabulous @Treya_Barton over on AO3 present the characters Dylan Seawell and Jamal Turner of Icthyo Mixup to everyone! Hope you enjoy this two fumbling through this night of confessions. This is a mini comic that I made with characters Treya and I have brainstormed on over the past year. She's the soul behind these two conceptualizing them from a silly prompt idea I had, while I ran with it and gave them bodies.

[caption id="attachment_898" align="alignnone" width="900"]Character sheet for Dylan Seawell and Jamal Turner. Dylan has warm white skin and has layered strawberry blond hair with the brightest yellow bit at the crown of his head. Dylan has big blue eyes and is wearing a 3 piece suit with the sleeves rolled up reveling his thick forearms. He is a head shorter than his lover Jamal. Jamal is ta all, leggy, and firm (not as broad as Dylan) black man with shaved purple hair on the sides with magenta crisscross patterns through it and long dark locks that reach past his shoulders with red tips. Jamal has a cleft palette scar from his uper lip to his nose and large dropping dark eyes. He is dressed casually with orange pants cuffed at the ankle and a color block tshirt.the very bottom of the sheet has an obsolete version of Dylan's merman form. I still remember sitting at the kitchen table excitedly sketching these two as I read Treya's improve story on these two. They've grown a lot since this first sketch, but mainly in personality and stuff, they still mostly look the same. Well OK that merform isn't cannon anymore lmao.[/caption]

If you enjoy FF16, Persona 4, Balance Unlimited, and One Piece, Defo check out her fanfics <3!

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