So much to do and just enough time

So now that I have a release date for the comic, it feel like time is just flying by. Like Nov 1st is right around the corner and though there is still tons to do, it’s important to breathe.

Not only am I trying to complete my backlog, I’m also working on promo illustrations and formatting all my main social media sites to reflect that I want to drive attention to my comic. I’m very much planning my wedding (and loving it) and looking to boost my income (without doing a second job). I wish overtime was a thing at my current job, but oh well. Gotta work with whY I got. So that means taking on some. Commissions. Do I have time for them? Haha no, but I’ve found that min maxing my time by planing accordingly will make the time.

I still have to be careful and only do a bit at a time, but I feel like working under these constraints (though they add pressure) help provide structured use of my time. I love gaming, but when I could be working on the comic, making a little side change, improving my skills, or working on the wedding, it really puts the way I use my time into perspective.

Now it’s important to enjoy your you time for sure, but structuring it so that it balances with self enrichment and productivity is where it’s at.

Here’s to progress and balance!!

New icon time woot. It’s fairy me heh

I Set a Date!

11.2.2020 will kick off my first Magicalmashup! Monday!! That’s when I’m going to do the thing and begin releasing my comic woot! I’m so excited to finally start posting it. Leading up to the date I’ll be posting some goodies on my social media sites to introduce the characters and maybe a bit of the world :).

If you want to be their for when the first pages drop jump up on this hype train and check out or follow on Tapas at yay!

To see all the behind the scenes art, and previews, checkout or

Here we go!