…Comic is LIVE, I repeat!

Like woah! It’s here and just wow. What is time even!? I’ve been networking, posting and promoting so much over the last few months leasing you to this point and woah here we are. I just want to get back to creating though bc that stuff is exhausting when paired with trying to make posting schedule across multiple sites. I know I’ll get ahold of it soon, but it’s way more time consuming than you’d think haha.

I’m thankful for my friends and fam for encouraging me to get to this point and I know I’m just starting in my comic making journey, so look forward for what’s to come!

Check my comic out y’all if you like my work ;)!


I also have some support pages too, so if you wanna help a gal out http://patreon.com/Lady_T_Musings and or https://ko-fi.com/ladytmusings/gallery