About MagicalMashup!

MagicalMashup! (MM!) is my first venture into longform comics. It originated as a way to satisfy my yearnings for more BIPOC representation, body positivity, and fantastical beings across genders within the realm of fantastical art forms and stories, starting with fluffy sketches of Junah, the sunshine of the duo, and Kalen, the pragmatic rain cloud of the pair. These two opposites attracted attention on DeviantArt back when I was in college around 2008.

Junah and Kaelen weren’t the initial characters I brought to life from the world of Magos, but they definitely became the catalysts that helped me shape the world of Magos into what it has become today.

MagicalMashup! cast photo with all the diverse and beautiful queer cast on display

About the World of Magos

The world of Magos is a labor of love and a fantastical escape for me. I adore drawing characters, creating stories, and weaving the rich tapestry I’ve crafted, with solid input from my spouse who keeps me on my toes regarding my own canon. Magos serves as the fantasy realm where 90% of my original art and stories take place, outside of collaborations. Here, fantastical beings thrive, magic is commonplace, enchanting sights abound, and history is rich.

painted map of magos Map of where most of Lady T. Musings' fantastical stories and art take place.
The world of Magos Map. IMMMA, the college Junah and Kaleen attend, is located in Lufiriya’s heart.

About Lady T. Musings

Wonderfully Creative & Fantastically Weird

Tall, fat, and unapologetically faye and black.

Living life FANTAStically through creative pursuits of wondering fancy <3

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