Headmistress (Wandala)

Headmistress (HM) (Wandala F.) and the Lox Birthday: Nacht. 28th, Goloran: Rime Age: 28 but there be magic involved. IMMMA Class: Enigma Ethnic Traits: Unambiguously Brown Nationality: Worldly As headmistress of IMMMA (Institute of Mystical, Magical & Mythical Arts), she's a top player in coexistence efforts between Incantian and Corporean people as well as beings with magic.

Abrafo J

Birthday: Nacht23, Age: 21 Elemental Affinity: Fire Patron deity: Golo; Rime IMMMA Class: Allure - Enchanter Ethnic Traits: Golden brown and warm Nationality: Uni (Corporean) & ? Preference: Pan (prefers mature folks)

He entered the I at the same time Junah did. Will not participate in” futile” events.

Sheritha O.

Kholar O.


Besnick O.

Leena & Kai


Birthday: Saccharine 21, Patron Deity: Sari the Pheonix Age: 37 Elemental Affinity: Spark IMMMA Class: Buffer Ethnic Traits: Dark Laquered Wood Nationality: Sunset Coast (Corporean)


Birthday: Mer 17 Age:32 Elemental Affinity: Void IMMMA Class: Abyss mage Ethnic Traits: Unambiguously white Nationality: Incantian (Grimalkin)/ Sunset Coast South

Leena and Kai have a long history. They currently serve as dorm and team leads for IMMMA.

The Lox

Yaro B

Birthday: Heet 12,

Age: 25

Elemental Affinity: Air 

Patron Deity:  Mandrake Bevet

IMMMA Class: Guardian 

Ethnic Traits: Skin the color off white powder tinged with peach

Nationality: Grue/Goloran (descent) Cyclops 

Preference: Ace - loves other's romances more

First partner and friend to Kaelen at IMMMA. They somehow developed a friendship, but aren’t on the same wavelength.  Mostly friendly with no volume control. Hair Stylist extraordinaire and Afraid of many things.

Lady T.

Esma aka Esmeralda

Esmeralda (Esma) & Jynx Birthday: Empyrean 22 & ? Age: ? (looks mid 20s) & Really Old Elemental Affinity: Bloom & Enigma Patron deity: Devi & ? IMMMA Class: Pact Partners Ethnic Traits: Esma;light brown lacquered wood/ Demi, Golo, Satyr mix. She has earthy horns that curve down and out. She has furry hooved goat feet. Jynx: Flat purple and often translucent skin with long white hair and dart board violet eyes. Nationality: Esma; Sunrise Coast (Corporea)/ Jynx is Golorian/genie (Incantia) Preference: Esma; High class gentlemen who spoil her and have high social standings. Straight. Jynx: Aromantic - not really romantically inclined, but likes to have fun. Is a big flirt. Esma and Jynx are never separated as they are pact partners. He gets to reside in the magenta gem embedded in her chest, and she gets very specific wishes that can’t repeat.



Pestilence (Eustace M. aka Euye) Birthday: Saccharine 25 Age: 28 Elemental Affinity: Ichor Patron deity: The Sanguinaye Lokuzalwa IMMMA Class: Plague Ethnic Traits: He is Hali (Corporean) with skin the color of  clouds dense with rain. Nationality: Halitree & Sunset Coast Preference: Not picky, but becomes a servant when in love.



Rot (Lauralyn F. aka Lyn) 

Birthday: Empyrea 28

Age: 25

Elemental Affinity: Decay

Patron Deity: Immortal Devi

IMMMA Class: Plague &  Alchemy

Ethnic Traits: Dark brown skin with a slate undertone

Nationality: Uni, Corporean

Preference: Her Matias, but open to well planed experiences

Lauralyn aka Rot and her partner Pestilence are advanced students at IMMMA. Rot has the ability to decay any organic substance that comes into contact with her bare skin. Though the ability is more of a headache for her, she spends most of her time focusing on her works in alchemy and talking to Matias.



Junah O.

Junah O. (Jun, Lil O) Birthday: Faye 20th Age: 23 Patron deity: Lurra the Giantess Elemental Affinity: Magos IMMMA Class: Elemental Shifter– Channels elements through her accessory orbs. Ethnic Traits: Mahogany toned Nationality (Cor/Inc) Wrekian, Inosen, and Orsen Preference: Gut feelings

Excitable and anxious elemental shifter that doesn't know what personal space is, but she wants to be all up in yours.

Kalen W.

Birthday: Geant22, Age: 22 Elemental Affinity: Water Patron deity: Sea Serpent Mere IMMMA CLASS: Wizard of Sorts Ethnic Traits: Light taupe skin with cool undertones Nationality: Kolidian / ? Preference: People with a healthy sense of curiosity.

A wizard of sorts that's always down to learn something new and loves personal space. Elemental affinity: water

Jamal Turner

Fashion maker, photographer, and lover to Dylan Seawell of Icthyo Mixup.

Dylan Seawell

Marine biologist and oceanographer extraordinaire with a super secret. Lover to Jamal Turner of Icthyo Mixup.